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marzo 06, 2023 - Holterman Yachts

New additions to the growing X-Treme fleet

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With her revolutionary tender dock that doubles as a pool, the double-award winner #xtreme105ladyfleur placed our yard firmly in the #superyacht spotlight. We’ve since launched two more yachts in this line, the #xtreme 78 Sport Miramar and the #xtreme 54 Ferox. Both are shaped by their owners and share the same sleek and robust design DNA. With further builds underway, the #xtreme brand is ideal for clients looking for high-end quality in a very different jacket.

When Lady Fleur was launched in January 2022, many were astonished at how well #holtermanyachts had ripped up the rulebook to create a genuinely innovative motoryacht. This first #xtreme 105 also showcased maximum redundancy, the very latest equipment & tech, optimal comfort, meticulous attention to detail, and a fresh take on spatial use focused on the areas most used by owners. She also swiftly captured the attention of potential clients and led to two new orders for 54 and 78 feet respectively. Although these lengths prohibited the inclusion of an aft tender bay/pool, all the other assets of the #xtreme line are very much in place. "The design has struck a chord for its blend of sturdiness and elegance," says Holterman Yachts' general director #hermantimmerman. "Based on a proven platform, all kinds of wishes are up for discussion, from the exterior design to the interior and the choice of engines. A hybrid option is on the table too, and we love to innovate with clients by involving them in every step of the process. The #xtreme philosophy is attracting #people who appreciate our down-to-earth approach and understand that creating something new takes time, effort and imagination."

Flexible partnerships
We work closely with specialised Dutch subcontractors and partners on the #xtreme range. The hull/superstructure construction of the first 54 was built together with Smeding #yacht Service, which also took care of the naval architecture. Partners for the 78 Sport included KB Alubouw and Sea Level.

"Our way of working increases flexibility and allows us to concentrate on the installation, outfitting and finishing work at our state-of-the-art yard," adds Herman. "A compact company structure with three project managers and short lines of communication also helps. And the overall designer of the #xtreme range, Bernd Weel, had a major influence, drawing a smooth 'look' that is both out of the ordinary and classy."

Powerful dynamic
The success of the 105 led directly to the orders for the 54 and 78, confirms Bernd. "I based the exterior profile for all three on the same DNA and design principles. There's lots of play with the reflections between shade and light, which are generated by deep recesses and manifested in the sculptural surfaces. The challenge with the first #xtreme 54 was to capture the essence of Lady Fleur in a #yacht almost half the size.

"We started from scratch with a new layout and centreline section, then recreated the lines and sculptural elements. You cannot simply copy but Ferox certainly has the same soul as her big sister. And the same applies to the 78 Sport Miramar, which has an even sleeker and slightly more stretched profile within a sportier design that emphasises the character of this fast performance #yacht."

Optimum comfort
Although proud of the exterior aesthetics, Bernd says they're only part of the reason why the #xtreme range is such an instant hit. "The level of finish at Holterman is phenomenal and each #yacht features a wide range of amenities that make life onboard a real treat. For example, the 54 and 78 are fitted with three-piece telescopic spud poles to fore and aft that descend into the silt in the bottom of the harbour and keep the vessels firmly in position. This meticulous attention to comfort and detail extends to the interiors and the #xtreme ethos is truly impressive in every respect."

While the understated contemporary interior for the 105 came from the boards of Trimm Design, the interiors of the 54 and 78 Sport were created by Kitty van der Kamp Design. "I thoroughly enjoyed working on these yachts as they have a wide beam which gives lots of volume to play with," says Kitty. "The height of the forward suites is impressive too and both Ferox and Miramar are based on the style preferences of the owners and how they live aboard.

"Each project required a very different approach as one owner likes wood and the other does not. After extensive meetings we designed a GA, made 3Ds of the concepts and presented mood boards to the clients, who were happy to proceed. I also had lots of freedom and trust from a yard which is always willing to go the extra mile for owners. Everyone really seems to enjoy their job at Holterman and the results speak for themselves."

On the horizon
The sense of a brand on the move is confirmed by various new #xtreme projects. A second 54 is currently in build with a different interior layout and twin Volvo Penta D6-300 engines instead of the D4-175. The first #xtreme 60 is on the way with a longer swim platform, larger lower deck portholes, long glass sections in the hull similar to the #xtreme 78 and a range of other customisations. The second #xtreme 78 is also under construction in a Flybridge version rather than a Sport. And a great deal of development work is proceeding on an all-aluminium 95-footer that will have a powerful propulsion set-up around the 5000 hp mark and be capable of 28 knots while retaining remarkably low fuel consumption levels.

Onboard the #xtreme 54 Ferox
The term 'pocket-size superyacht' has rarely been more apt than with the first #xtreme 54. Her owners required a relaxed and luxurious cruiser to enjoy on European rivers, made possible by a low height and collapsible mast for navigating inland bridges. This steel displacement boat has a superb underwater ship: twin 175 hp engines ensure she glides effortlessly through the water even at 30% power. With an eight-litre-per-hour fuel consumption at 7.5 knots and a 2000-litre tank, Ferox has a mighty range. And as the owners opted for stabilisers, a rare asset on a boat this size, they are always sure of a smooth ride. A walk-around layout on the main deck makes the vessel easy to operate and grants access to a large foredeck with a double-sofa setup. The seats can be covered with a sun awning system using poles and canvas. Lots of work has gone into optimising storage, with large lockers integrated into the design of the bow. The stern garage holds an inflatable RIB tender, bicycles, additional fridges/freezers and much more besides. The option exists for future #xtreme 54 clients to extend the hull by 0.7 metres in order to allow room for a larger swimming platform.